Train Yourself With Respect

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The Fighter… Now a different kind of trainer, arguably effective? haha

It is the easiest thing when you are working out yourself, setting the schedule, training yourself (all of the above) to get down on yourself. No need to give any examples…We have all been there.

Take a step back… If you had a personal trainer and s/he was telling you how bad you are, that nothing is working etc…What would you do? Okay so if you feed off something like that then I guess you can just enjoy the pictures here instead. For the rest of you, would you come back the next session? How would feel going to that next session? Dread? Frustration? Anger? Chances are all of the above & more.

No way you would start that next workout on a positive note. No bueno.

Now take another step back (no I am not having you do the electric slide)… What are the constraints on your workouts? Time? Nursing an injury? Life happens? Have you looked into training schedule suggestions if there is a 5K in San Diego or elsewhere that you are gearing up for? Like a popular one: Do you have more energy during the day even with no measurable changes in your workout results?

Keep these answers in mind. Maybe you are doing better than you think you are. Maybe your energy level is better. Other questions…

How can you make the most out of your workout? How can you incorporate other training plans into your own? How can you make the best of what you have OR who can reach out to? How can you eat better? How can you drink more water & less soda (pop as we call it where I am from).


Another step back. Remember…firing off those muscles, using them does not have to happen specifically during a time labeled “workout.” Because we are not hunter-gathers anymore we have to set time aside to stay in shape.

Making that trip to the store, forget that rockstar space you are always looking for, park further back. Walk. Take the stairs. You have a garden – you work outside that is physical activity too. Don’t underestimate that. You like watching Netflix, Daredevil (Such a great show!!) plan out some circuit – do some squats, flutter kicks and other fun stuff. Read up/watch how to do proper form. Learn about proper running form and cadence. Play sports, even if you suck at it. Your body does not know that. Take dancing lessons. Lucky to live in San Diego? -> go for a hike! Move…

Okay, don’t worry I know you are tired of stepping backwards. Just keep perspective. If you are your own trainer, treat yourself with respect. Yes push yourself, yes set goals, yes keep yourself accountable. But don’t treat yourself in a way that you would not let someone else do. Yes talking shit can be helpful to a point (I find it useful) but overall it has to be supportive. Reach out for suggestions & help, maybe find a personal trainer that can help you achieve those goals & by all means celebrate your accomplishments, regardless how small and if you are looking for a personal trainer in San Diego I may know of a guy 🙂



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