Spaghetti & Meatballs Exercise

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These are the ingredients. You won’t find these in the meat or pasta aisle though…

This is a high intensity exercise that I like to do myself once a week. It not only  incorporates the entire body but also the forearms will for sure get a good workout here. This exercise is: gluten free, vegetarian friendly, non GMO…so you can’t give any of those excuses not to give it a shot! Oh and – It. Will. Torch. Calories.


You see them above in the picture…

1. Jump Rope

Note, the jump rope I use is not a fancy speed rope. You of course go that route.  However as far as I am concerned you don’t need to get one of those (also on concrete they will wear out quick so just keep that in mind). Especially if you are just getting back on the jump rope train, you can step up to the speed rope in time. It is such an underrated exercise that has so many benefits.

2. Slam ball aka dead ball

The one I am holding is a 20lb slam ball. You don’t have to do that heavy at all. As long as you are moving, getting a full extension and slamming that sucker down for the next rep that will work. You can use a medicine ball, just be forewarned that it will bounce much more substantially than a slam ball. So maybe it may be better if you do some wall balls instead.  Slam balls do have some bounce to them (just enough), you will only get it as a reward if you slam hard enough.



Especially if you are just getting back into jumping rope go for reps/rotations of the jump rope. You can move up to a certain amount of time when you feel as if you are ready. When I am doing it I like doing 100 reps with the jump rope & 20 slams. Then I take a full break (about a minute or when I for the most part catch my breath) then go again. and again…

This is how you catch your breath in between rounds. I don’t think I need to explain how to do this.

Set Goals

The best way to get started trying this out is just setting a goal of lets say 3 rounds of this. So 50 reps with the jump rope & then immediately go to 20 slams. Or increase or decrease the numbers. Either way the key is to not allow yourself a break in between the jump ropes & slams. Then go again.

Start Slow

If you haven’t jumped rope since grade school…practice doing that alone first. Stay on the balls of your feet and work up to a solid number of rotations to get your confidence level up.

Rapid Fire Slams

When you slam the ball down you should be letting it go somewhere near your midsection. So you should basically be meeting the ball at the ground to get the ball off of the bounce. Hops are encouraged when coming up with the ball! No pausing between slams…so rapid fire is the only setting. No single shots.

Get Creative

Tweak this recipe to make your own delicious workout. Maybe sprinkle in some mountain climbers, skaters, kettle bell dead lift to squats or whatever you think would make this work for you!

As always if you have any questions for me or about my Personal Training services here in San Diego don’t hesitate to reach out!

Take care,

Damien – [email protected]

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