Corporate Fitness FAQ

What are some of the benefits of a fitness class at a workplace?

I am so glad you asked. You can click here, I list few of the many benefits of not only a class at work in general…but also what makes it great to work with Incremental Fitness! Other sources talk about benefits of working out at work here or how to foster a workplace culture of physical activity here.

Is there a specific class format that you provide?

No. I am pretty flexible. It really comes down to what my client is looking for. I can give some suggestions or feedback about various options. Examples: core conditioning, HIIT or buns & guns. There will be some small tweaks made over time of the programming based on how the class is responding…but not that drastic so participants can see their growth. Don’t feel as if you have to know exactly what you want, I can give some suggestions after I have an idea about your groups’ fitness level & interests. Ten-week Fitness Challenges are also an option to engage the group, get them invested in their health and start to think about how moving better along with other things can improve their life.

Are you certified? Do you have liability insurance?

Yes & Yes. I am certified by American Council on Exercise (ACE). I also have my own liability insurance & my CPR/AED is up-to-date.

Do you provide music for the sessions?

Yes & the music will be suitable for a work environment.

If we have our own gym can you use the equipment there?

Of course! It would be best if I got to take a look at your facility so I am prepared & can map out the formatting for the classes along with the number of expected participants. Proper planning is important for me to best find out how to meet the needs of my clients.

If we don’t have a gym can we have the class outside?

Yes! Make sure that you check that you are able to utilize whatever space near your building for the workouts. I know of some sites where certain areas were off limits. It is always great if there are shady areas nearby but we can make the best of whatever is available.

Do you bring equipment?

I do have a limited amount of equipment that I can bring. Depending on the type of class format it may be useful. Otherwise, bodyweight exercises can still be a great way to get people moving. I am a creative guy.

What fitness levels do you work with?

All levels. It is important to make sure that all participants feel included. If there are specific restrictions it is important to let me know ahead of time.

Are your rates per person or a flat rate?

The rates are flat – per session. With that in mind, even if the number of participants may fluctuate over time it will not affect the rate. The rates also include an option for a motivational & informative e-mail once a week from yours truly to the group the day before class.

Is there anything that our participants need when attending a class?

Water, an open mind & yoga mat. A towel is useful too especially if we are indoors. Also, I always want participants to let me know before class begins if they have any knee etc. issues so I can give some options as to what they can do & still be part of the class.

How long are the classes?

The classes are 45 minutes which includes a warm up and cool down.