Hive Ambassador

I am excited to be a 2017 Honey Stinger Hive Ambassador! Honey Stinger is not new to me, I have used their organic products in my events in the past.  I would only have applied to join the ranks if I enjoyed the product myself & have no reservations about aligning myself with the company.

For my Goruck Challenge events I enjoy the Energy Chews as they help to keep my energy levels high and I don’t have to worry about crashing from an overload of sugar and other things I don’t need during the event in my body.

For the long distance events I am not as into chewing as I am on the run (yes, pun intended) and don’t want to have to chew while rounding the corner. So instead I have one or two Organic Gels in my pocket for keeping any bonking at bay. I am not too picky about flavors Ginsting or acai Pomegranate are ones I often have on hand.

A tidbit of history of the company – straight from the source:

‘In 1954, Ralph and Luella Gamber developed the EN-R-G Bar (“EN” for energy, “R” for Ralph, and “G” for Gamber). They wanted to provide an alternative to the candy bars available at the time. Their plan was simple: natural ingredients, great taste and (since Ralph was a beekeeper) HONEY. They also introduced two-ounce packets of honey with the words “quick energy” printed on them. Ralph’s friend Roy Phillips, head wrestling coach at F&M College, used these packets to provide quick energy for his athletes. Although Ralph and Luella knew they were on to something, the market was not quite ready for energy foods.  In 2002 we re-established EN-R-G Foods, Inc. in Steamboat Springs, CO with the same goal in mind: provide great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients…”

Full Disclosure –   I am not paid by Honey Stinger to talk about/write about/ use their products. I do though receive a discount and occasionally free items from them as part of my role as Hive Ambassador. So I am just keeping it real & letting you know!

Soooo a big thank you to Honey Stinger & hello to all of my fellow Hive Ambassadors!!  I am looking forward to being fueled by Honey Stinger for my upcoming events. If you are interested in joining the fold check out their website for more information. The more the merrier!


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