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Damien is an expert at working with mature adults & seniors so they can do what they want & like to do in life!

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The joy of being able to do what you like to do and want to do should not stop at a certain age.

Imagine that you are able to take the trip of a lifetime.  You have heard from friends about how gorgeous and inspiring hiking the Inca Trail is. Tickets are purchased, hiking routes are scoped, family members are on board, plans are made & you have an excuse to go shopping for some good gear to hike with.

Scenario #1: You all have arrived and hit the trail. Soon you are the person that everyone is passing and stopping often to take a break. Everybody in your group takes turns asking “are you okay?” You start hearing “see I said that she should not have tried this.”  It is not that much into the hike and you are getting frustrated how difficult navigating the terrain is. You didn’t get nearly as far as you planned to.  Not the trip that you imagined right?

Scenario #2:  You set a respectable pace, stick to it and the group stops only to take pictures and enjoy some snacks. Your only worry is that there is enough memory on your phone for all of the pictures.  Fellow hikers younger than you comment “wow, that is so cool that you are hiking this too – you are making us tired just seeing you go by!” You will never forget that experience not only because of all the pictures you took…but the exhilaration that you were able to take that trip of a lifetime! Amazing trip.  Great quality time with the family. Amazing story. You trained for this trip, and it obviously paid off.

What are you going to do when you get to that point that you are able to experience that joy of enjoying that trip.. vs the frustration of not being able to complete it?

What are you doing to do with your life so you make sure you experience your wants & likes?



Empower yourself to take control and incorporate ways of moving better…so you can live better & do those likes & wants.  I am experienced in working with individuals 50 years young and up so they age independently and do more than just daydream about what they like and want to do.  I understand that traditional exercise is not enough as I discussed in an article. Click here to read it.

FAILogoAs a Certified Functional Aging Specialist of the Functional Aging Institute (FAI) I am aligned with a leader in the fitness industry that has developed science and evidence-based training programs for mature adults and seniors. The mission of FAI is that it “…helps trainers to help their clients…so they can do the things they need to do, do what they like to do, and do the things they want to do… easier, better & with less discomfort.”

I encourage you to click here to contact me for a free consult so you can live your life on your terms and have the pictures to show for it!