1. Fall Prevention
    • Improve balance, agility, mobility, and power. 
  2. Mobility 101
    • Improve your ability to move better in all directions and increase your movement and flexibility.
  3. Pick it up, and put it on a shelf
    • Improve strength and rotational ability to move in everyday life.
    • The program incorporates moving with weights in different planes of movement. What does that mean? That means moving how you do in life, not just moving forward and backward.
  4. Sports training
    • Avid golfer? Still running marathons? Want to finish your first triathlon? Want to improve your tennis game? I will improve your game and as a bonus – will help you move better in everyday life too!
  5. Vacation Preparation
    • Gearing up for a trip of a lifetime? Are you expecting some kind of terrain or know that you will be walking for a long distance. A personalized program will prepare you physically for the terrain and distance for your trip.
  6. Mix and match or meet a specific need.
    • If you have a specific need, a package can be tailored just for you.