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Fling Yourself at Life

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We all have our own story.

We all have things that we have overcome or challenges we want to overcome. You know what yours is. Whatever your story is… your body is part of that story. Your body is involved in your story. That story about your body is an emotional one. We even attach emotions to parts of our bodies like our heart. When some part of our body is not working the way we want…or not the way it used to be it can affect us.

It can be emotional.

When we were kids we moved our bodies how we wanted to without a thought. We flung ourselves at life, we threw ourselves into playing…could care less about protecting our back and we were not worried about what other people thought.

As the years pass we play less. That is a past tense. We think more about form. We are more concerned about the scale, and we have to think about when we do some sort of movement that can count as exercise. We care more about getting steps in, turning on our gagets and exercise becomes more of something we have to schedule and do…instead of something that just happens.

We blame this “have to” on jobs, kids, life, getting older or because it is too hard or intimidating. Fight your excuse(s). Instead of side stepping, give yourself the permission to care less about how and instead more about what you can do.

Your story that includes your body can include better movement. This movement does not have to be forced. Allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to dance. Allow yourself to turn off the societal norms of what you are supposed to do because of your age or gender. Allow yourself to learn how to do something new.  Discover ways to move that you look forward to doing often.

You will see that if you add more movement to your story your body and mind will reward you.

Fling yourself at life.




You Say Tomato I Say Supraspinatus…

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It has been a while since I have dropped a post. Slacker! I have been on the frustrating injured list & busy on the job front. But my fingers were working just fine but that is my excuse. Post-Ragnar fun I took a couple days off then wanted to work on some new exercises to mix things up and keep my body guessing. Enter putting together some pull/push & different overhead movements with by trusty sandbag. Hellooo pain. I did something pretty wonky.

Yes I am showing my age…but for those of you that don’t know who Scooby Doo is, well you can Google him yourself. Source

Hurting yourself while working out is no fun. I could try & sugar coat it, but if you do assess how it happened then it can be beneficial. Thus, thinking about If it was a new movement versus something you do all the time, more weight than usual & the list goes on. Also you may get an uncomfortable lesson on how some muscles work. Ouch. It was almost comical, I did laugh when trying to get down to the floor to ice things…and mentally preparing myself for getting up off the floor. Now that was “fun.”

I swore for a bit that it was my supraspinatis but my semi-neurotic searches were wrong as far as I know. I spoke to someone way more qualified than me to assess it & there is more of a chance that I pulled something in my neck.

Either way I am on the mend, back on the workout train. Spasms are gone, just some soreness here and there. I did some hiking over the 4th of July for a camping trip at Sequioa National Forest with some friends and was okay during that and enjoyed some good healthy cross training (and some healthy “hydrating” too. Not full steam yet, but man it feels good to get out, move and work out without favoring certain parts of my body when working out. I am still trying out some new stuff of course I just won’t forget how this last injury happened. Having to slow down or even stop does suck…I would rather it happen now than during a race, no bueno.

A couple pics from the 4th of July!

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Aside from the good of coming out of it okay & learning from what I did is that I had a couple job interviews while on the mend. Long story short I am now leading small group classes at a well respected fitness studio in San Diego! Function First! That huge highlight deserves its own post. Stay tuned on that one.


Saved the coolest picture for last…my girlfriend throwing a snowball with perfect form over the 4th of July. We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the patches of snow when we were hiking.

Listen…Your Body Is Talking

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A benefit to working out on an ongoing basis you begin to listen to your body better. Let’s start at the beginning.

Pre-workout snack:

What did you eat? How did you feel during the workout? Was your stomach doing somersaults (this does not count if you were doing somersault? Don’t just do what your friend/magazine told you to eat, especially if you are doing an awkward run to the nearest bathroom. For me apples make me burp the second I start working out. I have found bananas, stone fruit or kiwis are good to me + a bit of raw honey. But that works for me! In a pinch I will have a handful of some dried fruit. Now I am not talking about proper nutrition. That is for another blog entry. But even if you are eating the right stuff…who knows you body may be trying to tell you its just not working. So switch it up and soon you don’t have to think ahead of time you just grab it and get some nourishment before that workout. Did I say eat nothing? Nope.

How do the muscles feel when warming up?

Yes I said warm-up…preferably a bit of dynamic action to give the muscles a heads up there is some work to do. When doing them…is that tightness still there? Are you a bit sore somewhere? I once was getting ready for a run and jumped up, came down & something shot right up to my neck. Bad day. I was apparently really tight. I probably could have cut that off at the pass the night before if I noticed I was tight. So when you are kicking the tires, listen. Maybe you can work a tightness out before a workout, it is possible.

How are you feeling during your workout?

Just refer to the warming up part, its basically the same…just during a workout. A addition is that if it is very painful or some weird twinge don’t push it. If you don’t listen & slow down/change position/STOP/etc you could be on the injured list. For example squats are great for you and if your feet are not in the right place aside from your trainer telling you proper placement sometimes your body will let you know right off the bat that you should not try it like that again. A side note, you don’t have to be in pain during a workout for it to be effective.

Only time it could be debatable to push through the pain is during a race. I cannot deny that competitive drive not to stop. Trust your judgment on this one…I pushed through a bad calf cramp in the last leg of an obstacle course race. No way I was stopping. I was good after I hydrated and rolled it out. But again, be careful in this situation.

Lastly, if you are feeling the burn in a good way after the workout…make a note of it which leads me to…

How are you feeling post workout? 

Maybe you want to get physical with your Tiger Tail/ The Stick or Foam Roller instead of your usual static stretch. Don’t you like how I assume you are stretching? Good job! Hopefully you do it as often as you can. I am not perfect but I try to every time especially on the tough days. Is that knee or shoulder swelling? If you have time make time to ice that baby asap. Don’t make the mistake of just letting it go.

How are you feeling the following day?

If that wonderful delayed onset muscle soreness is waiting at your bedside the next day after those killer hill sprints (great job!) or an extra set of deep squats listen to those muscles. Tend to them, stretch use that roller. I usually feel it after sprints the following day. Stick to that RICE technique (rest, ice, compression, elevation) if there is swelling etc going on. Ignore something tight and you could possibly pull it next workout. Ignore swelling and you could be on the injured list. Then lets go back to that warm-up… is that twinge really bad? Hmmm, maybe you should either take a rest day or another exercise that doesn’t put as much stress on that part of your body. The pull-up bar will be there tomorrow.

This all may take time. It took me a while until I noticed things. Maybe all you feel is the wind in your hair and the trees whizzing by. But over time you will notice things during a workout and after. Just keep your ears and senses open…unless you are doing somersaults the whole time. You are on your own. 🙂