Three Things You Know You Should Be Doing But…

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There are things that we know we should be doing that help improve our quality of life and general health. They are pretty simple. They are often not the most glamorous, page-turning or exciting things. Yet any fitness trends latest drugs or instant gratification aside – not doing these can affect our health in negative ways.

Start with what you know….give yourself credit. You know these things. Be better at doing them. Forget about waiting for new years…every day is a new day!

Drink More Water

You can search for yourself all of the statistics of how much water is in the body, how much water we should drink a day and the like. You know you should be drinking more. You don’t need to watch an exclusive news report or some talk show to get this groundbreaking news. You know this.  Every day you restart your intake. This is a lifelong habit. Making excuses that your organs, skin, brain, and body pay for is not good.

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Get Enough Sleep

Sure, it can be a struggle to get enough sleep every night. Life happens. Stress happens. Insomnia happens. But just letting things run their course and not trying to find a sustainable way to get 7-8ish hours of sleep a night is a bad path to travel. Regardless of how healthy you eat, how rigorous of exercise you get or health craze that is working for you – that can’t replace giving your body the chance to heal, rest and regenerate. Check out the graphic below and click here to read more.

Graphic Credit: Healthline.com


Move Your Body

Yes you know you should. Your body was never made to sit, ride in a car all day or sit behind a desk. The days are not behind you where you can benefit from exercise in various forms. Your body was made to move. Click here to read here an article posted by American Council on Exercise about just that.

Just move. If you are not a fan of the gym then find some other space or activity to take up. Click here to read a great article posted by Tim of Original Strength about this.




Take a 360 Degrees Look at Your Health

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Exercise is an important piece of the puzzle – but it is important to take a good look at how you spend the rest of your day. An awesome 45-minute workout three times a week is great. Just keep in mind that you want to compliment that good habit.  Below are some of the things to keep in mind when putting your health in perspective. Compliment that good workout with what you have in your control to change in your daily life!


Food & Hydration

Look at what you are eating on a daily basis. What are your eating habits? How much water are you drinking a day? Also, are you fueling your body before your workout and feeding those muscles after the workout along with enough water. Keeping a food journal is a great idea – if anything you will see some patterns in how you feel that day or later after eating certain foods. Consult qualified professionals that can give you some advice about proper nutrition in regards your body in particular. General advice such as the portion control tips that is helpful, but sometimes seeking a professional can be more useful.


The body achieveswhat the mind believes.png


We all know how stress can affect our body and our lives on a daily basis. Between our jobs, life stress and the real struggle to step away from it at the end of the day – it can snowball and affect all aspects of our daily life…including our sleep. It can be easier said than done to lead a less stressful life. One of the tricks is to find what works for you to ease the stress in a healthy way. Yes, exercise can help relieve some of that tension or mind/body techniques like yoga.

A new baby is like thebeginning of all things-hope, a dream of possibilities.

Your Parents

Genetics is something that we really don’t have considerable control over (yet). We have diseases or traits that are in our family tree. Some argue that “genetics load the gun & our environment pulls the trigger.” In other words, the argument is that a small percentage of a disease is caused by genetics and a larger is influenced by lifestyle choices and environment.  Even stepping outside of the genetic argument – what habits (good or bad) have you learned from your parents? Sometimes the bad habits need to be broken.




Our environment is just as it sounds, where we live, work and play. Living in a place where you are able to walk more than you need to drive can affect your daily health. We have all seen the numerous articles about the bad effects of sitting down every day – so jobs, where we are at a desk all day or are able to walk around often, can make a difference. Further, not everyone is able to benefit from living situations that are free of things in and surrounding their homes that can affect their health.



Books I Am Reading & Books On Deck

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Sooo a substantial part of my day when I am not working learning more fitness related things. It is not a full review as I am in the process of re-reading them but more so what I have gotten out of them so far.


The lineup…

Athletic body in Balance by Gray Cook  – It is the only book I have purchased out of the five. I think it was a good purchase. I have been going over the chapter about “analyzing movement” and others that talk about (I am paraphrasing) not looking solely at a client’s isolated muscle development but instead taking a step back and looking at the entire body’s movement.

Understanding Fitness by Julie K. Silver, M.D. & Christopher Morin – It is just as the title says. I am not that far into it yet but thus far it explains health benefits of different types of exercises (like strength training) & how it improves one’s health in addition when used as rehabilitation.

The New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler & Alwin Cosgrove – Apparently the authors are the same ones for The New Rules of Lifting for Women which I should add to my list too.  I have found their list of Rules pretty interesting & useful. Flipping forward their are some exercises that are pretty easy to follow and good directions and explanations. I will get to them soon.

Which Comes First Cardio or Weights by Alex Hutchinson, Ph.D. – I am about 1/2 way through and it has mostly a Q&A layout of common questions that (of course) surround the title of the book. I probably will buy this one as I keep wanting to mark up this library book.

Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. – A very interesting book. I knew of the importance of drinking water…but wow. It is a really interesting read about not only how the body works better when it is properly hydrated….but the effects on the body when it is dehydrated. Some things I may not completely understand or agree with but it is a really good read so far. Sidenote – It is really hard to sip on a beer when reading this (but I succeeded!)

What is on deck….

So in no particular order these books are on deck, enroute to my library branch or maybe a cheap ebay purchase if I can’t find it.

  • Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy by Bret Contreras
  • The New Rules of Lifting by Lou Schuler
  • Original Strength by Tim Anderson & Geoff Neupert
  • A guide to Better Movement by Todd Hargrove


Always in the mix for some fun leisurely reading. A great Christmas present from my big brother. Grew up on these guys…probably why I have a healthy mischievous side.