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What can you do TODAY?

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What can you do today within the 24 hours of this day to improve your quality of life?



Keep it simple.

What can you do today to improve your quality of life? There are many moving parts to improving or maintaining one’s quality of life. These moving parts don’t just involve how you move but what also put into your body, and the many things you do when not eating or exercising. Small choices and decisions can reap positive benefits. Obviously, these decisions become more powerful over time when they become habits. But just focus on today…what can you do today? Below are just three ideas…but you know yourself better than me. You may already know what you will do today!

Be social

Social interaction is important to your well-being and health.  Get out of the house and be social, it does not necessarily have to be an exercise class…or invite some friends over to catch up.

Drink more water



The amount of water in your body could be anywhere from 50-75%. Credit: Illustration by Hugo Lin. © 2018 ThoughtCo.

Fill your glass more during the day. Everyone benefits from being properly hydrated. Especially as we get older it is imperative to stay hydrated. The risks are real for you as you get older if you don’t stay properly hydrated…think that you should wait until you get thirsty? Think again!4.1.1-monograph-aging-fig-2.jpg



Practice doing your everyday movements better

Stand tall, walk tall, get out of a chair without rocking. It can take a lot of concentration and effort to make sure you have proper posture all day…especially if you have some bad habits to break! Perhaps all of these would be easier or your form would improve if you stretched today.

When I suggest stretching, you are probably thinking of the traditional stretching holds. If you enjoy those then do more of that. If you don’t enjoy the traditional stretches (and even if you do!) give a different way of moving instead. I am certified through Original Strength as a Coach. I begin, end and sprinkle in some of their movements into my client’s workouts. They feel great! Check out the links below to learn about rocking and a longer article about why everyone should do it. I find that this way of moving really reconnects people with their bodies..and it feels good!

Click here to read about why everyone should do this!

So what will you do today??

These are only three…what can you do today? Maybe one or all of these three? Or you can do something else today? Whatever you do…this is not a planning thing. Do something today to begin creating a groove that this act can snowball something that can contribute to your quality of life in a positive way. The size of this act does not matter.

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Useful Resources For Fitness & Related Topics – YouTube Channels & Videos

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Knowledge about proper form, different ways to exercise, body mechanics or nutrition is quite useful when you are trying to attain your version of fitness or just want to understand more about your body. These are just a few resources that are constantly on my rotation that I find useful.

I will break up the resources post to keeping this one just to YouTube Channels & Videos.

Dalibor Petrinichttps://www.youtube.com/user/DaliborPetrinic



This guy is amazing. Way back before I started getting underneath sandbags I started watching his videos and not long after I purchased my first. Don’t expect him narrating everything, as I have not found any yet where he is talking about form or whatnot. Instead the videos are him focused on his movements & showing what can be done with sandbags, body-weight and other tools. Some of the videos will have a list of what he will be doing prior, which is helpful. Lastly chances are if he is speaking it will not be in English but I personally don’t think it really matters.


The Movement Fixhttps://www.youtube.com/user/themovementfix



Dr. Ryan DeBell has very informative and helpful visual examples to fixes and movements. It is helpful as he breaks down whatever topic (like running cadence) he is discussing into easy to digest examples and queues. Most of the time he will show a movement or area of the body he is talking about using that part of a skeleton before doing the movement himself. Initially I was directed to his site by Squat University (I will get to them later) of his discussion about how hip anatomy can easily differ between people. It is a really important article that touches on the importance individualization when it comes to squat form. Our bodies are not alike, nor will our squats necessarily be.

 Tony Gentilcorehttps://www.youtube.com/user/HurstTony/featured



There is a wealth of knowledge in these videos ranging from stretches to specific exercises. I enjoyed his video on real vs. BS hip flexor stretch. It definitely made me check my form closer & make sure my clients are not doing the BS version. His website is chock full of info also: http://tonygentilcore.com/




Squat Development With Pat Sherwood https://youtu.be/WOLyHSIsPk0



I have found this video is a really good video about developing & improving squat form. Of course there are a lot of videos out there as it is important.  It is always helpful when the individual explaining form has a subject to use while explaining it. This video is a good way to reset and assess yourself. I have and still will watch this as a refresher and pick up cues that are quite helpful.

How To Crawl The Right Way by Tim Andersonhttps://youtu.be/iPdTS4WIvZ8


Crawling is such a great full body exercise and I think underutilized. Tim of Original Strength gives a lesson on crawling. I find this a good intro for my clients, I just tweak it a bit to make it a bit easier & progress to his version over time.  His book Original Strength (book) is on my shortlist to buy. I am really interested in learning more about animal movements such as this as they are a good test of not only full body strength but mobility and agility.

BONUS (since I mentioned it above)


Squat University –  @squatuniversity     OR   squatuniversity.com

I first came across them on Twitter and saw this article Can The Knees Go Over The Toes? (Debunking Squat Myths) . Dr. Aaron Horschig & the rest of the crew always have great tips & suggestions constantly. What I was also impressed with is how much and often they respond to questions and comments on a pretty consistent basis on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to go straight to the articles check out the website.

Other YouTube video channels I should check out? Let me know.

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