“… I enthusiastically recommend Damien to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer.  In looking for a trainer, my needs were unique in that I did not want a gym setting and preferred to meet in the mornings before work.  I also wanted “core” workouts that were challenging….within reason.  Damien was able to provide all of this.  He is inspiring, understanding, and constantly upping the game just enough.  He has a wide variety of approaches that will help you to achieve your goals.  Over the course of our work together, I feel more energetic, have more stamina, and generally feel better about the whole workout process.

If a skillful, motivational personal trainer is what you are looking for, Damien is your guy!!”

Craig B.

“I’ve been lifting weights for decades and Damien showed me ways use body weight that I never heard of before.”

Joseph A.

“Damien does a great job of incorporating just the right amount of slow & dynamic workouts to the rhythm of good music. I have not exercised in several years, and I have noticed a great change in my body. Damien is always keeping a patient & watchful eye to make sure I do the exercises with proper form and he’s very professional.. I am very satisfied with my results after working with him!”

Alejandro R.

“…I told him I needed something I could fit into my busy schedule and that I would be able to work on at home in between our sessions. He put together the perfect plan and I’m seeing results!

I definitely recommend him!”

Calina F.

“Damien has been training me and a couple of my co-workers for about a year. He is very knowledgeable, professional and attentive to our physical needs. He takes into consideration our requests and incorporates new exercises to work on the areas we would like to improve. His classes are challenging, fun and effective! He has helped me to be physically stronger and get more confidence in my abilities to reach my goals.”

Mariela R.

“I’m a master’s triathlete. A few years ago I had an accident and needed major surgery. This spring I decide I wanted to start training. But since I lost so much overall conditioning, I also decided I needed a trainer. I heard about Incremental Fitness and Damien through a friend. Damien really listened to me when I explained where I wanted to be in a few months. He put together a schedule of three different workouts for different days with completely new exercises. Each workout is in chart form with good explanations, sets, reps and you tube links for refreshers. Damien made the exercises with the ball and sandbag look so easy! They’re not, but they are doable and I can feel a difference. When my workday schedule got too busy for me to fit in the full three workouts, Damien put together an ‘abbreviated version’ so that I could get the ‘best bang for my buck’. It’s just what I needed!  I’m so happy to be working with Damien; he listens, thinks things through, is very thorough and I know he really cares. Thanks, Damien!”

Annie W.

I am 78 years old and in good health except for my arthritic knees. One of the main reasons I came to Damien was because I was going to leave on a trip that would entail a lot of walking, climbing stairs, and going on at least one 4-hour hike. I chose Damien because I wanted to improve my balance, agility, and my stamina so I could enjoy my trip. I am also not knowledgeable about how I can achieve higher fitness levels, and am not self-motivated to exercise.

I decided that Damien’s experience working with people in my age group was just what I needed to prepare myself for my trip and then beyond. He set up a regimen and worked through it with me while adding some challenges once I got better.  Upon his suggestion, I purchased and practiced with walking poles which took pressure off of my knees.

I was able to enjoy my trip and worry less about being able to physically do it!  I’m continuing working with Damien and I’m very happy with how I feel.  I see more improvement in my energy levels, how I move, walk, lift things, my balance, and my overall confidence in what I can physically do.

Ruth J.

Damien is AMAZING! I am a former athlete and working with Damien has been better training. He fully understands each persons body and what needs to take place to achieve the desired outcome. Damien is so professional and has an amazing personality and makes it fun. He is very motivational and takes the time to prepare you for each class and go out of his way if you have any questions. He is so beyond knowledgeable.

I hired Damien for our company to do workouts. Not only are we all getting the best workout of the week, he is able to do a workout for all fitness level and ensure we all being challenged and also brings our team closer together. I highly recommend Damien for anyone no matter what your goals are. You will get the best workout, be challenged, understand your body more, get motivated and have fun while getting your desired outcome. Thank you so much Damien for all that you do!

Melissa K.