Meet Damien


I am a Functional Aging Specialist based in sunny San Diego. I help individuals 40 years young and up do what they like to do and want to do easier, better and with less discomfort.

My priorities, before moving to San Diego, were to work out and stay in good shape. Since living here become a competitive athlete. I have competed in obstacle course races and other physical events.  This has made me more focused in my workouts.  I now develop incremental goals for a measurable outcome at a specific date. As a result, I have had competitive finishes that include:

I also enjoy team-based events that are non-competitive. Every year to participate in Goruck Tough Challenge which is truly a life changing event that draws people from all walks of life.

Our growing aging population deserves to be treated with the respect that they have the ability and potential to move better. Think of exercise as a way to train for your life so you can enjoy it how you want to!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to contact me to set up your free consult!



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