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You Are The Trainer Series

Scenario #1

You are beginning your first session with a new client. She reiterated what she said after she walked in for her initial consult: “I don’t do lunges or squats.” Eventually, she shared that she does have some pain in her knees (no surgery or major injury) but she is still able to get around. If anything she is afraid of moving them too much.

Do you:

A. Not have her do any squats or lunges during her sessions.
B. have her do squats and lunges
C. Have her do a variation of squats and lunges assisted with her arms – to take the weight off her knees.
D. Keep her seated for the entirety of her session to protect her knees.

Scenario #2

You are working with a client that will only pick up at the most 5lb weights. She wants to do high reps and low weight workout because she believes going to failure after 50 rep is best. She wants to put on muscle and look more “toned.”

Do you…

A. Add some of the programming that she wants to do but still had some exercises with heavier weight and 10-12 reps.
B. Accommodate her with the workout she wishes but make time at the end to discuss that low weights will not help her reach her goal.
C. Bring a workout that she wants to do.
D. Refuse to do the kind of workout that she wants to do.

Scenario #3

You have been working with your client for over a year. One of his goals is fat loss. During the course of the year, he has lost a healthy amount of weight through diet, your sessions and other life changes. However, he is starting to slow down on the fat loss. He turns to you for meal plans and nutritional advice. P.S. You are not a certified nutritionist…but you are a mindful eater and cook for yourself.

Do you…

A. Make up a meal plan based on what you eat and his goals.
B. Refer him to a certified nutritionist.
C. Send him the Choose MyPlate website to get some guidance about healthy eating.
D. Tell him that he should just push it harder in your sessions together & add an additional session.

Scenario #4

You have your first session with a client tomorrow. She is 81. A few days before you two met to get her health history and talk about her goals. During the consult, she talks about her fears of falling and her inability to get to the ground. Her balance has eroded and one of her knees will be replaced in a couple of months. She is open to learn how to get to the ground and improve her balance in any way. At her first session…

Do you…

A. Talk about different ways to get to the ground by without putting too much pressure on her bad knee. Then, with an assist of a chair spend time practicing with her how to get to the ground to standing.
B. Once she walks in just have her sit down and do all of her exercises in the chair.
C. You utilize your access to a pool in your gym and do some exercises that include balance training.
D. Put her on a treadmill, tell her to hold on & call it a day.

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