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There is nothing more rewarding than helping to be a part in improving the quality of someone life. Whether it is a small step in the right direction or a mental shift it is so exciting to see!


Damien is awesome. He has such an amazing, uplifting attitude that even during times I might want to slow down or quit, he motivates me to push through it. Our workouts are always fun and interesting, catered to my goals and ability levels while still challenging so I continue to get stronger and better.

Kristin S.

I have been working with Damien for several months now and I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer…He is inspiring, understanding, and constantly upping the game just enough.   Over the course of our work together, I feel more energetic, have more stamina, and generally feel better about the whole workout process.  If a skillful, motivational personal trainer is what you are looking for, Damien is your guy!!

Craig B.

Damien has been training me and a couple of my co-workers for about a year. He is very knowledgeable, professional and attentive to our physical needs. He takes into consideration our requests and incorporates new exercises to work on the areas we would like to improve. His classes are challenging, fun and effective! He has helped me to be physically stronger and get more confidence in my abilities to reach my goals.

Mariela R.

I am 78 years old and in good health except for my arthritic knees. One of the main reasons I came to Damien was because I was going to leave on a trip that would entail a lot of walking, climbing stairs, and going on at least one 4-hour hike. I chose Damien because I wanted to improve my balance, agility, and my stamina so I could enjoy my trip. I am also not knowledgeable about how I can achieve higher fitness levels and am not self-motivated to exercise.

I’m continuing working with Damien and I’m very happy with how I feel. I see more improvement in my energy levels, how I move, walk, lift things, my balance, and my overall confidence in what I can physically do.

Ruth J.

He’s been so patient and empathetic but constantly challenges me to try new exercises. I’m excited to see the tangible difference his help is making. He keeps things fresh and fun, but I’m still working SO HARD!  He has taken the time to understand my goals and help me accomplish them.

Judy M.

Damien is a gifted trainer, due to his keen observation skills paired with his excellent training to serve the “older’ adult. I find our workouts challenging while always ensuring I am challenged to maintain the most agility and ability I can reach. I have found the workouts have helped me in my real world. In a recent trip to India, I found I easily traversed uneven walking surfaces, steep steps, crowds, all manner of physical challenges.  I’m very grateful for Incremental Fitness & Damien.

Martha R.

Damien is definitely my ally as I get older and hope to have the strength and mobility to do whatever I want to do.  He is a very positive, patient and encouraging teacher. I am 68 years old, and now it is easy to pick things up that fall on the floor, get papers out of the lowest drawer in my file cabinet, reach far into the car for items, sit on low seats in libraries and bookstores, and reach for things on low shelves at home and in stores. I can now go up and down the steps in the pool where I swim laps, the steps in my home, and the steps I encounter in everyday life, easily and pain-free.

Leta T.
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