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My cooking soliloquy


an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play

Well hopefully there are “hearers” out there. 🙂 But I was thinking about this a couple days ago…why I love cooking. For me it goes back to my childhood. Both of my parents are great cooks. Growing up- for birthdays & other special days the question was “what do you want?”…not Where do you want to go out to eat? Going out is reserved for when the house is tired or whatnot. I pretty much follow the same practice. So I was lucky being immersed in foods cooked/baked/made from scratch, loving veggies (almost all, yes mom & dad sweet potatoes are NOT on that love list) & other amazing meals they would and still do.

Cooking itself for me is relaxing 98.9% of the time. It’s creative. It’s rewarding. It’s self sufficient. After you are comfortable you stop scouring cook books, making sure the measurements are right (unless ur baking) & letting go a bit of perfection it is fun. Or you get a couple recipes & mix and match what you like about them. Hanging out with a good friend or friends while doing it makes it even better.

But end of the day if you cook you know what is going into your food. You understand how preparation can help. It could be complicated. It could be simple. But you know the ingredients. You know if there is butter, coconut oil, or the worst crisco known to man in your meal.

For me a sign of care, friendship, love or whatever for another person is cooking for that person or persons. Of course the ranges of “just cooking” to “throwing down” should be kept in mind if you are wooing them or just cooking, :). Its all relative though. Effort is effort. Anyone invited to the dinner etc party should realize that!

Okay today is my rest day & not-on-computer-day. Its Netflix time. Ciao!

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