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Status check

Sooo, its been a week of stretching, icing and the usual other stuff. It was not as hard taking this week off as it was the week or so before the race.  Tomorrow I will dust things off and do a relaxed trail run to see how things feel. The tightness is gone for the most part around my knee. My shoulder was kind of sore but I think that was from the clean & press exercise I was doing.  For the record I am not going to worry about or mention tapering again…haha I think I just tend to overthink that. I have a good idea of what I could do/have done that will result in me running myself into the ground and ending up on the injured list. I just won’t do that.

Looking forward I will probably focus on my mileage at first instead of other things. I know that the course in San Francisco is more spread out between the obstacles.  Just like last year I need to get the mileage and hills under my belt so I am ready again.

Studying for my personal training certification is going pretty good. I don’t really fell the need to blog about my studying process, but ill just say a couple things. Things are starting to come together. I am looking at my own and other peoples posture a lot differently after covering a section about common muscle imbalances.  Today I am doing some viewing of youtube videos and making my outline better so I can better understand how certain muscles work.  End of the day it is pretty cool learning about how the body works. Just working out and training I am more aware about tightness and soreness in my body.  I have also become more aware how tightness somewhere my body can affect other areas. Now adding  studying to the equation it is quite interesting.

So this week I will not to go too hard or too strong…even though I can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow on the trails & leave the watch at home. I already was doing 8 miles with a pretty good time. So it is not much of a stretch at all to be doing a solid 12 or so before race day.  Today is a short & sweet post in-between my day off and a bit of studying. I should have a good plan of attack for the weeks leading up to the next race & I will do my review of the Men’s Health race too and assess what goals I will set up for myself to surpass the second time around.

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