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Absence makes the muscles…

Post-race I did some trail running, which was great. I definitely prefer trails to the road any day. I did a couple weeks along with other fun activities but now I am going to lay off focus on stretching and just relax. I had some shoulder soreness I think from training and not the last race itself. Also with Goruck being my next event I plan to do I want to make sure I am good before I start working out…Besides it is the holidays and time to head home. No trails to run or pull-up bars that close and it is actually winter in other parts of the country, true story. Its easy to forget that in San Diego. In the new year I will at some point decide which Goruck Challenge I will do and especially once I sign up ill be back in training mode.

A little picture break… From the race in San Francisco. That is not a smile…its called calf cramps. I talked about it in my review of the race.

It is always interesting how my body reacts (it does not like it at all) when I turn the dial down on the training/workout regime during the week. What is also interesting is how unconsciously or consciously change my eating when I am really grinding it out. Grinding – I crave more meat and have a lot more protein via eggs, whole milk and other natural sources. Breakfast is probably one of the biggest things that is different when I am not training. When training the breakfast is easy – the post workout shake with lots of goodness: eggs, whole milk, turmeric, raw honey, ginger, cinnamon and whatever fruit I have lying around and sometimes flaxseed. Not working out as much? Dang it, I have to think about it. Dinner is pretty much the same….veggies, fish, quinoa, sometimes pasta, mix it up & repeat.

Aside from the training perspective is I am coming close to taking my personal trainer certification exam. When I have some time I am reading a lot of articles, blogs & listening to podcasts about fitness and personal training. Some things I internalize and definitely want to incorporate into my own business. Business. My own business That is another thing that will be a whole new world for me. If I do what I plan to do it will be me. In other words I would not be working out of/for a gym. I am going back and forth about at least starting working at a gym, maybe as an intern. I am open to it and still looking at some gyms in San Diego. But perfect world I will be a successful personal trainer working with clients for the most part outside, possibly in a rented space but overall getting clients to enjoy working out outside in the elements. But who knows, maybe my perspective will change.

We shall see what 2016 holds for me. I think about the new year and my goals & opinions about personal training. I want to become the part of the fitness industry that changes peoples perception of exercise to be something that you want to do. To explain we all at some point see exercise as a punishment to whatever various extremes we may take it. I understand if one wants to make changes for their health, (as they should) just don’t hate your body. Instead – be excited about the process and the perspective of the progress and frustrations. Looking back to see how far you have come is valuable. Another thing I encountered when I mentioned to friends of friends is the assumption that I am a hardass personal trainer. I don’t see that persona as productive to leaving a positive memory of your last workout. Of course those that may find value from that so I digress to those of you that do. Although I am quite hard on myself I am not that way with other people, which would also carry over to personal training.

This will be my last post of the year. Its time for family with a tad bit of studying too. If any groundbreaking posts come up in my head ill roll em out in the new year. The tail end of 2015 has been a pretty good one. I have some exciting things to do in 2016. Goruck, Men’s Health Urbanatholon, Spartan …and it looks like I have been wrangled into a Ragnar race in Colorado (eeek! running at higher elevation! that will be very interesting), and of course working on getting my ducks in a row on this business…or maybe it will be like herding cats. Hopefully it will the former as it will be a bit easier.

Great memory to leave with in the last post of the year. Training paid off – faster time even with more obstacles.

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