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Five Reasons To Incorporate Balance Training Into Your Workout


Balance is more than just standing on one leg. It is important in so many activities that we do daily. Here are just five of numerous reasons why you should spice things up with some balance training when working out.

  1. It improves your joint stabilization. Stabilization is “the ability to maintain or control joint movement or position. Stability is achieved by the coordinating actions of surrounding tissues and the neuromuscular system.” Thus, to break it down you can be able to stay strong and steady when walking up a flight of stairs with a heavy bag of groceries in one hand. Or if playing sports, running etc. and you don’t have a good joint stability you can run the risk of tearing or stretching a ligament.


Having some fun going for a hike up & over this terrain is much more fun when you have some good balance.
  1. We live in an unstable world. Even if you don’t consider yourself athletic – you still balance every day. Getting out of the car, walking up stairs, going for a hike in the wilderness are all instances of balance plays a part in your life. Sure, you may not be walking a tightrope – but better balance means better reaction time or better coordination. For instance – tripping over a crack on the sidewalk and catching yourself takes balance. Thus, you are more aware of where you are in space and can better react with good balance.
  1. It strengthens your core. An example would be a single leg deadlift – even without any weight you are firing off the stabilization muscles in the planted leg. Of course, the rest of the body is attached and you are focusing on staying upright. The muscles around your spine and abdominal area are activated also. Your core is much more than that 6-pack. Keep that core strong so it can support the spine, pelvis and joints. You bend better, you lift better you can shift things away from your body better. Play sports? Compete? You are a more powerful athlete or competitor.
  1. Stronger core =’s better posture. With better posture then it means that the deck is stacked properly. When bad posture creeps in the body is smart – it compensates. But when the body compensates then that is when the chance of injury or tightness will occur. Everything is connected in the body. Just got some new sneakers and noticing that your knees stopped hurting? That is an example of how the shoes affected your posture. Now imagine if it is something inside of you that is not as stable and strong.
  1. Fall Prevention. Yes, this is a risk for individuals when they are getting older. It was noted that in San Diego “one in three older adults (65+) falls each year.” Balance is one of the reasons for these falls. For that reason, it is important to improve and challenge your balance in various exercises. Any age group can benefit from this and it is important to keep on incorporating it as we get older. In addition, those who play sports that are moving in all directions also benefit from this as it substantially improves their athletic performance.

Sprinkle in some balance training into your workout regime. Regardless your age or your athleticism, it is an important component to a stronger, stable, confident and fit you!




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