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Writing A Blog Post Instead of Working On My Business Plan – Events on My Horizon In 2017

So the last couple of weeks I have been working on my Business Plan when I am not doing anything else. It is a process. Let us not talk about that.


Insert caption regarding working on a Business Plan yourself. Try to keep eyebrows raised & head cocked.

Instead I am going to daydream about events I am either planning to do that I am considering in 2017.

Great group – the Goruck event I did earlier this year.
  1. Goruck Tough Challenge. This one is a given. I do it every year now. It is the first event I do of the year to get things kicked off right. I won’t talk again about why I do it as I have done that before. This is probably the hardest event I usually do all year so why not start off on top & everything else is a tad bit easier. Also I always feel absolutely accomplished after it. Each one is a different experience.


There they go…hills, stairs & the wilderness awaits.
  1. Dipsea Race. I was looking into some different races & came across this one. Now even if I do throw my name in the hat I won’t hold my breath if I get on the list. But come March I will do so. Number if racers is limited to 1,500…500 of that are first come first serve (via post)…then there is a lottery for 300 and there are a few other ways to get invited to the race. Why is this on my list? It is challenging, quirky and has history to it (been going since 1905!). I like that.



  1. Civilian Military Combine (CMC). This one looks interesting. It has an OCR angle to it but also a strength element that will draw those who like the Workout Of The Day format for 5 minutes. It definitely will even the playing grounds from those that are good at solely lifting & those that are great on the obstacles as the 5 min strength element is done before the race.


Photo Credit
  1. Tough Mudder. Now this one arguably I have to do…since I volunteered earlier this year at one & now have a much cheaper entry fee. I am not gonna lie. I am not a big fan of the bigger races trying to outdo each other with over the top obstacles. Being shocked by wires or jumping into an oversized bathub of 500lbs of ice is not on my bucket list. That is why longingly looked at my calendar at the race I was to do last weekend. That was a great race. Oh well. But I guess I will give it a shot also.


If I am able to do even three of these I will be happy. I like my races spaced out a bit so I don’t over train or get injured. Goruck will be in March. The rest we shall see!!


Okay, I guess I have to get back to this other writing. More substantive posts after Turkey Day! Have a great holiday all!!





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