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Back & Certified…

That was quite a break.  Well I am back. What’s new? What’s changed?

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer now. Sweeeet. I am glad that I didn’t rush & try to take it before I went home for the holidays. Honestly I think I would have bombed it if I rushed to take it before the new year. I know there are many helpful blogs & YouTube videos out there giving advice about the exam. I don’t really have any specific advice. I did what I was told to do & followed ACE’s suggestions on studying, followed ACE’s study plan, I emailed questions to ACE staff and I burnt through a 400 multiple choice practice test that I did online which was not ACE study material. I had the ACE basic package + I purchased another practice exam but I wanted to do more which is why I made that purchase for the 400 questions. It worked, now I feel that the real work is ahead of me.

Right now my logo is in the works. I have a business name but I will roll it out all at the same time along with a separate website. I will keep the name under my hat for now. Something that really helped me put my vision on paper and influence how the logo should look is the book: Start With Why. My girlfriend lent it to me before the holidays. I read it on the plane and finished it when I was home. I then re-read it on the plane back to San Diego. Lastly I listened to the audio-book and took notes. It is safe to say I really liked the book and found it quite inspiring. I am still working on internalizing it every day. I highly recommend it…especially if you are planning on setting out to do something on your own. Something else I am reading are emails and reports by Coach Jon at the Personal Trainer Resource Center (PDTC) its been really helpful. My copy of Ignite the Fire is completely dog-eared and full of underlining and highlighting. I purchased that when I decided that I wanted to become a Personal Trainer.

Other crossing my t’s & dotting my eyes – insurance, registering my business name… are also in the works. A friend of mine is going to be my ginny pig first client so that is exciting. So things are slowly falling into place. Some things I will have to just let go about that are not as important to getting started but the nitty gritty and insurance stuff have to be.

The blog will also probably be a bit different or some aspects that are intertwined with the PT website. That is probably in the “let it go” category but at least I will get my hands dirty in construction….

I am taking it a bit easy on the workout front. I am hitting the trails and getting back under the sandbag but nothing too crazy. I am still working on strengthening my shoulder so I am not grinding it out every day quite yet. I was planning on doing my 3rd Goruck Challenge in March. We shall see if I do it then, I am leaning toward waiting on that if my shoulder is not 100%.  This is all exciting, frustrating, stimulating & a learning experience…Staaaay tuned.

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Congratulations on your certification! I bet you’re really buzzing about that! I’m doing mine later this year over here in the UK, I really can’t wait! But at the same time don’t want to rush anything 🙂

Thanks man! Yeah I’m happy I can focus on moving things forward & not studying anymore. Good luck on yours & I look forward to reading about it!

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