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I was going to talk about another race or studying for my ACE certification but instead a short one today about goals. For me working out or specifically training for an event is about setting goals for myself. Larger goals -> finish in a certain place or make it through the event. I often forget leading up to it  there are equally if not more important smaller goals of sticking to my workout schedule, making sure I take care of any tightness in my body or allowing myself to recognize how far I have come.  Incremental progress no matter if it is a couple of seconds, an extra pull-up or a more fluid bear crawl exercise will add up to a better event for me.  Easier said than done to allow myself to recognize this, haha. The rest of the day not working out regardless how it goes is better after that workout and achieving one or many goals. Next week, hill sprints begin.  Goal set. Such a love/hate relationship with those.

Sprint, breathe, walk repeat.
Hello hill….Sprint, breathe, walk, repeat.

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