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San Diego Bootcamp Challenge – Goal accomplished!

Start of the race!!
Start of the race!!

I got 3rd place in my age group, 20th overall.  Woot! More pics soon… but lets back up a bit.

2 Weeks away from race day

So I could give the excuse that I didn’t really blog the week & a half before race day was because I was busy… Nope. A day after a good workout my right knee, calf and hammy were super tight. So I was frustrated & a bit down about it. I couldn’t find any swelling, only tenderness. So I spent alot, I mean ALOT of time on the barrel roller I blogged about. At least every morning and night I spent about an hour or more digging in there to release the tension. I iced a little bit but I was getting the feeling that it was doing more harm than good. I ran twice during this doing a fast 3 miles. My times were great. However I wanted to start the race at 100%. Then my thought process went to the fact that I could still get in the top three of my age group and not be at 100%. I had to have faith that I was not going to “lose” anything during this time off. I did alot of work preparing myself for this. About 3 days out I was feeling much better. The day before the race I went for a fast run to get my confidence level up. It worked. It was my 2nd fastest time and I felt loose. All the other soreness I had was gone too. Sweet!

Race Day

A huge plus of this race in particular is that is in San Diego, and even better I am pretty close to the location of the race.  I was up early, stretched out and had breakfast.  So fast forward to the starting line. I did as planned. I started in front and had my watch on. I did a well paced mile to the start of the obstacles. I won’t spend the time talking about each obstacle…but I will say that there more obstacles added to the course. I liked that. The reason I like that is because the fastest times over the years have sometimes lets say seem a bit amazing even if that person was running a flat 3 miles. Yeeeah. So 30 second planks were thrown in and some more crawling through tunnels. The end was great. A guy and I were sprinting to the finish line and he beat me. I talked to him afterward to give him props on his kick but also ask how old he was. Hahaha. I wanted to make sure he was not in my age group & he was not. With his help I got 3rd place in my age group!!

So it felt and does feel awesome that I nailed it this time..so next year ill do Spartan. Hopefully all three of them. We will see.


Now I take a couple days off stretch, ice any lingering soreness and relax.  During this time I will look at my training document for the race in SanFran and use it to map out training for that one.

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