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The inside of the Inov8 shoe box. Great motivation.
What you see when you open up an Inov8 shoe box. Great motivation & great shoes.

The 2015 Bootcamp Challenge is a month away. I could do it today. I am ready to devour those obstacles & pumped to put my body to the test to see how the training has paid off this time. But there is more work I need to do.

I am training towards to reality that all of the training will come together. This week  – this is what is on the menu:


  • 3ish miler fast trail run
  • 50 clean & press w/ #60 sandbag
  • 60 sandbag squats & other shoulder & core exercises w/sandbag


  • 100 sandbag squats (around the world)
  • 50 clean & press w/sandbag
  • 100 pullups


  • Fartlek intervals  -15 min
  • Timed bear crawls (about 80 feet), jog backwards to start
  • As many turkish getups until failure


  • 8 mile timed run
  • 50 clean & press w/ sandbag
  • 60 squats & other shoulder & core exercises


  • Timed stair sprints incorporated with good-mornings with sandbag, bear crawls down stairs, clapping pushups and whatever else I want to do.

Things will change in September. Among other things I will stop running on the trails and focus on timing my true 3 miles on the road. I want to know what my pace feels like on flat ground for 3 miles and see what my time is. Also, the long run will be decreased after a 9 mile run.  Aside from conditioning for this race I want to make sure I have a good amount of miles under my belt. The reason being is after this race I am on a good track for my race in San Francisco which is an 11 mile ocr. It is in November (Men’s Health Urbanathalon). Last time after Bootcamp Challenge I was adding a mile on every week onto my long runs to get ready for November. It worked out fine, I felt good in the race, but I don’t want to push it like that again.

Soon ill have to figure out tapering. Obviously between all this I will be on the barrel roller.  Alot. After doing the fartlek interval last week I sure did feel it the next day! Lets just say squats were a bit of a challenge…

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