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T-minus under 6 weeks till San Franciscooooo

I was going to do my overview of the race in San Francisco and strategies etc… but that will be next.

So I am back on the training schedule…kind of. VERY unusual for me I am not having much structure this time training for an event. Often I am bound by the structure, it does work for me very well. On the other hand sometimes I get so concerned about doing what exactly I have planned, and I for some reason don’t get out that day and instead do some exercises with the sandbag at home I feel kind of behind. Which is wrong.

So this time I have a loose schedule which consists of->

  • Long run
  • Tempo run/fun + pullups & other excercises
  • Agility day & full body workouts
  • Stair sprints & other excercises
  • Fartlek & other sprint goodness next month.

The reason I am kind of looser this time around is because last year I was ready for this event since I had the Bootcamp Challenge before it. As I mentioned before I just have to increase the mileage to get that under my belt. I am doing good and not going out and doing 12 miles now. I know I could do it…but that is recipe for disaster/injury. Adding a mile or so a week works. I’ll get to what I will be focusing on this time around the next post.

Another thing, eating.  The week & a half or so I took off to stretch things out and fully recover.  I don’t weigh myself often at all. I am often curious though after a tough week or whatnot how my weight has changed. Unconsciously or I would say maybe more on purpose I don’t eat as much or “feed the beast” when I am not training. I didn’t necessarily eat like a slob, just not as much. So I lost about 4 or so pounds…I think of muscle. Especially when I am pushing it and grinding it out on the road, under the sandbag or other stuff I make sure to replenish what I burnt off, get that good stuff in me & equally importantly heal the muscles quicker. I don’t know how many years ago it happened but I have gotten pretty good at listening to my body and what it needs. The more I workout, the more tightness and more I push myself I have learned what I can do and when I back off a bit. Of course there are days when that all goes out the window & I am under an icepack, but luckily that does not happen that much.

Had a great workout today & turned things up a bit. I did a good paced 8 miles with more hills than I usually do + pullups & core exercises. I have such a hard time just doing one thing on any particular day. I can’t just run, I want to do two other exercises too.  I like doing things in threes. I have no clue where I got this from, but it is always has been a constant part of my workout routine – always in threes. Hey, whatever works for me!

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