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It’s Friday!

It’s Friday… & yes Friday the movie. Coincidence? You decide.

It has been a week. Ups, downs, middles & in-betweens (yes I know that is not a real word but I am owning it). But its Friday, awesome.

The website is really coming together. A good friend of mine that suggested that I start writing a blog to begin with before even studying for the personal trainer certification has been a big help during the whole time. Now last week he helped me polish up the site and had some stuff that I seriously doubt if I could do myself. Please check him out at createjoseph.com. He also helped me link all of my online marketing things together so my WordPress account is linked to others so it is more streamlined process. I really owe him for all of his help so thanks Joe!!

Working out myself is going pretty well. I need to sit down and create a solid plan for Ragnar. I am doing some good workouts. This week was:

  • 60 Turkish get-ups
  • 4.3 miles done in 34.13…so a 7:57 pace which was about 10 second pace faster than last week and last week was only 3 miles. As long as I stay hovered around 8 I am happy. I have some awesome hills so I am happy with the progress. Over time 12 miles loop will have to be done. + probably running twice a day…see below paragraph as to why..
  • 10x – 12pullups, 12 pushups, 10 squats w/60lb sandbag (around the world squats) & 10 knee highs… ten times over.
  • Tomorrow – Stair sprints up 10 flights of tennis court stairs three times around. First round just the sprints. Second round at the top either 10 good mornings w/the sandbag or a lap around the court with the sandbag then back to the next flight.

I just need to map out my mileage so I am well ahead of the mileage I have to do. Long story short I will not only be running my leg but also I will pace with my girlfriend (yes what you do for love) to keep her company. So yeah, I need to be ready. Did I mention that there is a Goruck Challenge a week before? Ignore that. I am about 55% certain I will do something silly and do that. I am really chomping a the bit to do it soon. We shall see.

Yep, I can’t wait till my next Goruck Challenge. If you asked me at this exact moment in the picture I would have some choice words for you.

Other than that I met with a mentor/friend today who helped me get focused on making my business a success and other avenues for networking, marketing etc that I need to look into. More clients would be a very VERY good thing. My current client & friend has been going really well, and she is always open for whatever I throw at her….and is not afraid to say what the fuck? If what I ask her to do calls for that. Love it. Happy Friday all, time to go enjoy my afternoon.

Can you dig it San Diego (& elsewhere)?





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Caaaaaaaan you dig it?!

Right!?! I just re-watched that movie a couple days ago. Just had to throw that clip in…

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