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Keep It Simple…


Yep. Theme for today is keeping it simple. Sometimes I have a bad habit of over thinking things. Being thoughtful is great, good, & useful. However over thinking stuff slows me down. My training has been okay but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I was not 100% motivated and training for Ragnar & maybe Goruck. Don’t get me wrong, I have been getting up and putting in the work and documenting my progress but something just was not clicking.

When I am honed in on training I often go to sleep at night going over in my head what I plan to do in the morning which oddly is relaxing. Since the downtime of my last race in November, going home and coming back to San Diego things were not totally clicking. Possibly it is my rehab of my shoulder. It is annoying, but I know my strengthening exercises and avoiding exercises that will slow down the healing process will pay off. That could be part of the problem, having to hold back and slow down a bit. But.

I realized it when I looked at the calendar and realized how close Ragnar is coming up in June.

Not even as close as frustrated as Tiger was but still…             Source

I didn’t have a set training plan. Duh.

Sure I had a mixture of logging mileage, hiit work, sandbag work to strengthening my core and legs…but I didn’t look at the calendar and look backwards to where I am now to make sure I am where I want to be physically when I step on the plane.

Shoulda coulda woulda…

Without boring you & laying out the workout plan (I will give a more specific update on that in a couple weeks) lets just say I am feeling focused again. Also I have incorporated jumping rope into cardio work. That is kicking my butt, especially as the last thing I do after a tough session with a pull up bar, sandbag & other stuff. I just got a cheap one, I saw those fancy speed ropes online but maybe i will graduate to those eventually –but for now this one is good enough.

And maybe, just maybe if I am further on than I want to be & my shoulder is great I will do Goruck in San Diego the week before Ragnar in Colorado. Sounds like a great idea right?? Stay tuned.

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