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Reading The Acheivement Habit

I am a constant visitor to my neighborhood public library. Sometimes I forget when I get notified of a book that has arrived for me since I am constantly coming across and seeking useful information to help me grow as an individual & as a personal trainer. Of course also I am building my own business, so that in itself is a learning experience.

A good book to help you get “un-stuck” on those daysSource/Homepage about the book

My Dad send me the book The Achievement Habit which he purchased for himself and my brother. Not much dust at all settled on the book (yes Dad if you are reading this). I had another one on deck which I finished so I moved on to this one.

Opening the book was at a perfect time.  As anyone does when starting out on their own there are stimulating days exciting to do something on your own and other days where stress eclipses that. I had a couple days of that earlier on this week. No need to brace yourself I won’t be doing a wordy ongoing review of it chapter by chapter but it had great insight on how to step back to perspective of things and then move forward.

I have just a few chapters of book left. I put it on pause after reading a section talking about brainstorming and more importantly “deferring judgement during the session.” I am pretty good about the former, but often I will rule out something just when an idea pops into my head. To help I shot an e-mail out to a few friends of mine to throw me some & any ideas. My girlfriend pitched in to and added some others. Anything is game.  I went to Home Depot & picked up some Builders Paper, rearranged the apartment to get myself in a changing mindframes mode, taped blank sheets on the wall & put a pot of coffee on. It was a great session & also I worked on a “mind map.” I will work some more on it after the weekend.

Brainstorming…don’t even try to read my handwriting. It is a secret code. Lots of good ideas though.

Now don’t get me wrong I of course did not solve my & the worlds problems all in one session with the books help – but I definitely benefited from it. I don’t see this and other good reads like The Flinch  (really good read!!) as the answer to anyone’s problem but it can help push you along in the right direction until you get your momentum.


Mind map. I really like the visual aspect of writing things out on paper like this versus typing it out on the computer.

So thanks Dad!

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dude that brainstorming is wicked. frame that crap.

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