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Some Workout Tools I Have Been Eyeing

My list of workout tools in the mix is pretty darn short. 1. 60lb Goruck Sandbag, 2. 40lb Sklz Sandbag wrapped in a couple rolls of duct tape to stop the leaks. That’s it. I have some club bells that I use occasionally and I don’t really use and some dumbells but they only get moved to clean the floor. End of the day the heavier sandbag is in the most constant use. The pull-up bars and everything else is outside.

So there are three I have on my list. The first two I am more apt to purchase…

Steel Mace


I like the unbalanced nature of it & the range of exercises you can do with it. Similar toΒ  some of the unconventional and conventional objects you don’t need much weight to make it a good workout. Obviously these are a different shape than kettle bells but a similarity is that just because one is a small poundage like 15 is still a workout. Here is a video by Onnit about theirs ->Β Β Onnit Steel Mace Workout

Jumping Rope

Well it worked for him… Not like I will be training for boxing but maybe aside from the cardio benefits I can get some fancy footwork I can use during an OCR…

I am not just feeling retro these days, it is an inexpensive and useful way to get some cardio in and I can incorporate it into one of the circus I do once a week. Hmmm stair sprints, jump rope for fillintheblank minutes, then whats next? So yeah just a matter of time till I have a pair & score it takes up little to no space & not much space out of the bank account also… Two thumbs up.

Elevation Running Mask


Looking badass, check…but is it effective? From what I have read thus far I am not entirely sure yet.

I am on the fence about investing in a running mask. This would not be just for shits & giggles. As I mentioned in my new year or end of last year post I am planning on being part of aΒ  Ragnar Relay team later on this year in Colorado. Maybe I am overthinking it but I know that running on that higher elevation will be new/tougher for my body. I like to be prepared when I do an event, however I am not convinced yet that it would be worth it. Mind you they are not that expensive, some do range in the 80s but there are some cheaper. Right now I am on the side of the fence to push more on my runs get the mileage higher and do more hills. On the actual day I would not expect to hit any pr’s. It definitely would be a learning experience. We will see. I know many have found it helpful. Stay tuned on that front…


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I jump rope almost everyday, I love it. Definitely invest in the jump rope! πŸ™‚

Nice! I will soon be joining the ranks as you. I plan to grab one this week. Someday I will be able to do cool tricks like seasoned jump-ropers as yourself can do…. I will probably stick to the basics for a while… πŸ™‚

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