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Pushing Forward…

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I workout better when I am training for something & have a date I am working towards. It was going to be Goruck. I have a nagging tweak every once in a while around one of my rotator cuffs. That is nothing to ignore. So I have been working on strengthening it & backing off a bit from exercises that may piss it off. There is full range of motion and not a complete searing pain but still I know this is nothing to mess with. I am really chomping at the bit to do my yearly Goruck Challenge, the next one is in about 2 weeks here in San Diego. Luckily or un-luckily I have an interview the day after that challenge. That settled it. Instead I have my mind set on getting ready for Ragnar in June. Goruck will be there, I am looking forward to it & my body will be ready when it happens. Stay tuned on when I am signed up for a 3-peat. Aside from my mileage I want to make sure I am hill-ready for Colorado. It will be interesting with the elevation which I have mentioned a couple times.

Speaking of that interview & pushing forward. I am not going to lie, I am kind of impatient for this personal training business to get off the ground. It takes time though. I have been working on increasing my knowledge day by day. I may have mentioned the Personal Trainer Development Center (PTDC), if I have not yet –  is a useful organization that Jonathan Goodman is a part of.

The Personal Trainer Development Center

I first heard of it when I purchased Ignite the Fire which was written by Goodman. I was reading it when I was more serious about becoming a personal trainer & before I began studying for the ACE certification. It is a pretty helpful resource with lots of great tips. I soon signed up for his emails which also includes “Best Fitness Articles” which are useful too. The most recent thing I have done is become a part of the Professional Trainer Society  (which was rolled out by the PTDC). I got in when it is $30 a month which gives me access to tasks set out depending on what “level” you are as a trainer. So when you are just starting out like me tasks include shoring up a good 30-second elevator speech about what services you provide. So far the most useful part is the forums. I have gotten a lot of good feedback regarding a question I posed to the community about interviewing at gyms.

Speaking of pushing forward…great movie-  Glengarry Glen Ross

One frustration is capital. No, I am okay with Sacramento being the capital of California. Instead it is not having much capital to help start out a business. There are things I want to do, purchase and involve myself in but I don’t have the capital yet. I will get there. It is just a limitation that I am quite aware of. Okay perspective check….I have really only owned a business for 8 weeks. The reason I realized this is that I got my letter from the newspaper that published my business name in the paper as part of getting the “doing business as” (dba) license. It has to be posted for 8 weeks. Long story short! But the business cards came out great as well as the logo. Step by step…Incremental Fitness is still just a baby.

The last of my ramblings is how often I am surprised by the positive energy online. Between WordPress & the blogging community and also Instagram I have been impressed. Maybe it is because I grew tired of Facebook & deactivated it haha. I have never really been a person to put myself out here like this until I decided to put myself on the personal trainer path. The positive energy is apparent in all of the blogs I follow. Its pretty cool to read about other people overcoming their challenges all across the world, sharing their week, writing thoughtful things or just making me laugh. Of course nearly every time I look at someone else’s WordPress site I am like, “wow! I want my site to look like that!”

Okay, that is enough ramblings for today… time to push forward offline.

This guy knows how to push forward, granted he says “I’m sorry” while he is choking someone out. Hey, at least he apologized…24


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