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You Say Tomato I Say Supraspinatus…

It has been a while since I have dropped a post. Slacker! I have been on the frustrating injured list & busy on the job front. But my fingers were working just fine but that is my excuse. Post-Ragnar fun I took a couple days off then wanted to work on some new exercises to mix things up and keep my body guessing. Enter putting together some pull/push & different overhead movements with by trusty sandbag. Hellooo pain. I did something pretty wonky.

Yes I am showing my age…but for those of you that don’t know who Scooby Doo is, well you can Google him yourself. Source

Hurting yourself while working out is no fun. I could try & sugar coat it, but if you do assess how it happened then it can be beneficial. Thus, thinking about If it was a new movement versus something you do all the time, more weight than usual & the list goes on. Also you may get an uncomfortable lesson on how some muscles work. Ouch. It was almost comical, I did laugh when trying to get down to the floor to ice things…and mentally preparing myself for getting up off the floor. Now that was โ€œfun.โ€

I swore for a bit that it was my supraspinatis but my semi-neurotic searches were wrong as far as I know. I spoke to someone way more qualified than me to assess it & there is more of a chance that I pulled something in my neck.

Either way I am on the mend, back on the workout train. Spasms are gone, just some soreness here and there. I did some hiking over the 4th of July for a camping trip at Sequioa National Forest with some friends and was okay during that and enjoyed some good healthy cross training (and some healthy “hydrating” too. Not full steam yet, but man it feels good to get out, move and work out without favoring certain parts of my body when working out. I am still trying out some new stuff of course I just wonโ€™t forget how this last injury happened. Having to slow down or even stop does suck…I would rather it happen now than during a race, no bueno.

A couple pics from the 4th of July!

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Aside from the good of coming out of it okay & learning from what I did is that I had a couple job interviews while on the mend. Long story short I am now leading small group classes at a well respected fitness studio in San Diego! Function First! That huge highlight deserves its own post. Stay tuned on that one.


Saved the coolest picture for last…my girlfriend throwing a snowball with perfect form over the 4th of July. We couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the patches of snow when we were hiking.

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