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Race Review: Epic Series – San Diego NTC Park – December 17th, 2016

It was pretty cool to be able to check out the course before it all began. Even with some rain it was not that muddy for us.

Epic Series Race based in San Diego, was founded in 2014. In its own words it “…combines elements of crosstraining, Strongman, and traditional obstacle course racing, but without the mud or long-distance running typically found in most other OCRs.“. On Dec 17th I was in the competitive wave at Liberty Station NTC Park.
Race Day & Epic Course

My wave went out around 8:05 and it was great that the numbers in each of the competitive waves were small which kept the course flowing well & nobody was really on top of each other or waiting in line during the event. The competitive waves were the first of the morning 8 am to 9. Then after that the open waves began along with the kids going through their course later on. As for the difficulty of the competitive waves: the men and women had only one choice for obstacles and fun things you had to carry/lift/etc… they had to do the advanced option. In comparison the open waves you can choose your own adventure – novice, intermediate & advanced. That is great so all levels can participate in the event and take on the obstacles and strength challenges at whatever level of difficulty they want to do.

…and we are off! First lap around the course!

The race organizers are pretty open about most of the obstacles and strength challenges and lists them on the website. After the wave starts a brisk run around the course with the Epic flag kicks things off. Then we all came back to start point to attack the course. Lifting Atlas Stones, pulling kegs up with a rope pulley gets the blood flowing and soon competitors are pushing their limits to catch their breath before moving to the next station. Making a lap carrying a keg with some water sloshing around anda slosh pipe, climbing over obstacles or crawling under a net are also some of what you have in store. Again, in competitive waves we only had one choice – the harder obstacles and strength challenges. In comparison in the open waves you can choose. I was impressed by the organization of the race and the efficiency of the layout.

Balance beam action…

Speaking of the layout.. The race was a large rectangle and us participants did everything in that space. Props to the people that set everything up, it was really impressive. It does not take up that much real estate but they pack a lot in that space. Also the way in which the event was set up it is great for spectators, they can easily see the people they are cheering on and follow them.

…focused on pulling that keg up and getting that sucker back down & do it again and again.

This event will appeal to those that are in Crossfit and enjoy such strength challenges and exercises. There is a lot of lifting heavy objects in between climbing & crawling. On that note there is also the Elite Course which is different than the obstacle course (Epic Course). This course incorporated kettle bells, squat and press with a sandbags, Atlas Stones, lunges with weight, rope climb and one that is always impressive to see – truck pulling. These competitors not only did that but also completed the obstacle course. So their combined time of both courses will reveal those in running for the impressive belt at the podium. I witnessed a lot of determination, grit and relentlessness at the Elite Course.
Swag, Entrance Fee, etc…

Just got the slosh pipe hoisted and getting ready to do my lap.

Aside from the race itself, the swag is cool. The shirts by Clinch Gear are a great quality and the medal is a hefty and attractive one to hang with the rest of yours…or start your collection with that one.

Getting some air during the under & overs.

Lastly it is great that such an affordable race will give you your money’s worth and so much more. It is around $60 for competitive waves, $50 for open & $10 for the kids course. There is a grassroots feeling as the race is still growing & gathering steam. They sent out a shoutout for help the evening before for anyone willing to help with setup. Everything looked great on race day so all hands got it done even with the rainy evening before. Volunteers were plentiful so any questions or assistance on the course was quickly attended to. Vendors on site were giving out some post-race goodies & there were food vendors and a massage tent.

Atlas Stone, lets get this up!

Conclusion: Two Thumbs Up

So two thumbs up. I will be back. I highly suggest you check out Epic Race Series & support this San Diego based race. It has something for everybody of every level and age. Do your homework so you have an idea of what is in store.

On Facebook they provide some short videos on technique for some of the obstacles and strength challenges, so check it out. I definitely have some training to do myself so I can do better next time. I did pretty good finishing around 26 minutes but I have much room for improvement.

Dear Epic Race, the bar has been set – see you next time!


See you later Atlas Stone! Oh wait I have more reps to do.. 🙂

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