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Staying at Home Does Not Mean Being Sedentary

This is a time in history where many in the United States and elsewhere are home more than usual. It is not a snow day, a bank holiday, or we are not home for the holidays. We are facing some uncertain times. Many are working from home or are unable to work right now. Perhaps we even realized how we took for granted the ability to go to the store or head to the park or beach. If you were actively enjoying your retirement you have to put much of if not all activities on hold.

In the context of the present state of affairs, we have to find a way to adapt. In regards to movement the older adult generation you may be unable to do the workouts or activities that helped you with your fitness. At the least, you may not be walking as much as before…with not running as many errands or walking around the office. With that said being sedentary is not good for anyone, especially older adults. There has been research about sedentary behavior’s link to cognitive decline. I understand the adjustment period of figuring out what to do differently. I myself have had some trial and error as to what I can be consistent about doing. But we need to find ways to move!

This could be a good time to get in the garden or some yard work that you have always wanted to do.  If you can safely walk around your neighborhood to ease that cabin fever that can be a good opportunity to get the blood flowing. Bicycling could be another option. Obviously performing basic bodyweight movements such as squats, core exercises, and arm strengthening are things you can do at home with things that you have.  If you are a group exercise class fan there are plenty of free resources of recorded classes that you can watch and follow. Below are some movements without any or minimal equipment that clients did in the gym that you can do yourself at home.

Core Exercise


Funny name? Yes…but I am sure you can see where it gets its name from. Notice her start position – her hands are above her shoulders, knees are above her hips and her legs are at a right angle. As the saying goes, “speed hides control” so slower is harder!

Leg Strength

Box/Tap Squats

You could hold something like she is below. You choose what you are lowering yourself down to. If it is a chair and you are on a hardwood floor I would suggest putting the chair against the wall so it does not slide away from you. Imagine like the seat is a cold toilet seat…when you get down to it come back up to standing. You could go for 10-12 reps or do it for 30 seconds and see how many you can do. You will see especially if you do it for time that will get you warmed up!

Balance Training

Staggered stance with 3-point push outs

Notice at the beginning of the video you see that her legs are working. If I just started the video at the top you may not think this is much…until you do it! Of course, you can just use your hands and if you want to hold an object you don’t need a lot of weight. I would suggest starting this with your back heel down which gives you more stability.


Above all find ways to safely to move! It can be anything like walking, gardening outdoor projects or following an exercise video. Just move!!


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