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The Scarlet Letter B

You know that story. Here is a super duper short cliff notes version… a girl has to wear the scarlet letter A and it is not fun. It is her badge.

When we read that story we all knew we did not want to wear that label around. Not only would others make opinions about you but also you would internalize it. Our goals, aspirations, and joys rarely find their way to us in a straight line. We have struggled with different modalities. The challenges can be mental, physical, financial or a mixture that includes other ones.

What this short post is – it hones on your body. Your body is there for all of life. There are emotions tied to how we move. There are emotions tied to when we can’t move how we want to. A temporary physical setback like stubbing your toe is annoying. After that sore toe heals, it passes it can be a mere afterthought. Bigger things like chronic pain and discomfort in your knees, hips, or shoulders can affect your daily life. Especially if you can see a scar or your gait is noticeable you have a constant reminder. It can be an understatement that this is frustrating.

It can be easy to start attaching that emotion to your body parts. It is like a personal version of a check engine light that is on in your car. You know there is something wrong and there is a constant reminder every time you turn the key. As for your body every time you roll out of bed or do a certain movement you may be unconsciously “protecting” when you move.

Describing that body part is tied to emotions. Instead of your left or right shoulder, it becomes the bad right shoulder. There is an expectation and assumption that it will cause you pain or discomfort in any way that you move it. I have worked with many people that use that description when I am working with them. I have them switch to that side or move in a certain way and they will say out loud “oh this is my bad side.” Sometimes they will feel what the expected, and sometimes they will not and be surprised. Either way, I correct them and I urge you to describe it as your “other side.”

Especially when you introduce variations of a movement, practice breathing or mobility techniques you can be surprised by how you feel. You may not be using your full range of motion, but you are moving in a way that is with less discomfort or pain. Wearing that scarlet letter B can hinder you being open to the possibility that you can move in ways that are better.

I challenge you to try every day not to put that that scarlet letter B on every time you wake up and go on with your day. Find ways to move. Find ways to move differently. Be open to learning ways to move that can reduce comfort or pain even if it is a 10% difference. You just may be surprised by the outcome over time.




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